PS4 controller connection problems

I believe the bluetooth antenna in my ps4 needs to be replaced but my replacement wont arrive for a few days. Im stuck on the ps4 setup screen where you need to plug in the controller and press the ps button to move on. I need to get to the ps4 settings so I can switch the controller to a usb connection for the time being. The controller works in safe mode but i cannot get past this screen to change settings. Does anyone know how to bypass the setup screen/ change the controller settings in safe mode?

Try remote play it will connect to your ps4 and should let you get to the setting to change controller connections. I’m pretty sure remote play works over internet not bluetooth so it should connect. Warning though it could be your controller not your ps4 try to bluetooth your controller to your phone if it connects then it’s the ps4 if not it likely means the controller is faulty.

I know its not the controller i bought the console for repair and i have tried 2 brand new controllers. Also they connect to my phone. Ill try the remote play but i cant do anything on the ps4 until a controller is paired through bluetooth for some reason. Seems like a really dumb requirement to setup a console.

Replace the wifi ic/module. I had the exact same problem with a PS4 fat. In safe mode the controller is connected via usb but when you start it up it is already using the wireless connection. If you cannot go through the conn3ct the controller via usb and press the PS button I am pretty sure this is your problem.

Yeah its starting to seem like thats the problem, just waiting for the part to come in to replace