Ps4 controller light keeps being yellow and says it’s charging but it is not plugged in console

Hi I’m a big fan of the YouTube channel.

The issue is I have a ps4 controller when I turn the controller on it says its charging but I don’t have a charging cable hooking up on it.

When I turn on my ps4 it indicates that the controller (Wich is connected WIRELESS) is charging. After e few hours it enventually dies.

Already reserved the controller didnt help. When I hold the reset button for 5-10 Sec the yellow light disappears, but when I release the button, yellow light comes back.

I have tried changing the battery into another controller but that didn’t help. Battery is not the problem

I installed a new usb connector in the controller but it is still ghost charging.

I don’t know what to do else…. Any tips??

if you tried replacing the usb port and its still ghost charging, then i think it might be an issue from the motherboard. (I don’t know what part in the motherboard is the issue because im new to this :D) i suggest you take it to a repair shop and hopefully they fix it