PS4 Controller not charging - Battery and internal USB port seem to be fine

Hello everybody,

I have a problem with two PS4 Controllers and I don´t get the Problem.

One Controllers seems dead and the other one won´t use the battery.

Controller # 1 has the following problem:
The controller shows no sign of life.
For testing, I replaced the battery and the internal USB port with components that work 100%.
Unfortunately still no sign of life.
So it is certain that the battery as well as the internal USB port and the external USB charging cable work.
The controller does not even light up and I tested the charging of the Ps4 and the PC, neither sign of life for either.
Does anyone have an idea why? Could it be a defect on the board? As far as I see no damage to the board, it looks like new.

Controller # 2 has the following problem:
If I connect the controller to the PS4 with a USB cable, I can peer via the PS button and use it normally.
If I disconnect the USB cable, the controller goes out immediately.
I have already exchanged the battery and the internal USB port for testing with working components, but this did not lead to success.
If I connect a full battery and then connect the internal USB port, the LED lights up briefly. Unfortunately, this only happens once and afterwards he gives no sign of life.
So the battery and the internal USB port were exchanged, but the controller does not work with the battery alone but only works if it is connected with the USB cable.

Does somebody has any idea?
Could it be that both controllers have a defect on the board?
So far, the board looks fine and new with both controllers!

Greetings and thank you

A fully charged controller will not have any light on when connected via USB. That is why the light is going out in your one example.

With both controllers, it sounds like the problem he fixed in video titled “I Paid $25 for a BROKEN PS4 Controller - Copper Edition - No Power”