Ps4 controller not turning on

Hello awesome people, I am in a strange scenario. I am trying to repair a ps4 controller, but I am currently out of options. Everything works fine with the controller until I disconnect it from the usb cable. Then the controller is just dead. I thought it would probably have to do with the ps button or the battery. I have tried different batteries that I know should work, but unfortunately still have the same issue. Also the ps button seem to work just fine when connection to the PS4 or a pc with the usb cable. I have tried the different reset options but nothing works. The only thing I could think of right now is that there could be a broken trace or something, bit so far I haven’t found the culprit yet. I tried to compare the motherboard of a working one versus the broken one, but have not yet found a difference when checking for continuity. Does anyone has a suggestion or perhaps encountered the same problem but was able to fix it :slight_smile:


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Could be the power ic chip I think it controls the battery

Thanks for your reply, yes I think that is the only option left. Since I think I already checked all traces and they are fine. It’s the one right under the power plug if I am correct? I don’t think it’s worth my time replacing it with another one, but I will see. Maybe I will try just out or curiousity. I will let you know if it was indeed the culprit.

Did you replace the chip?
Did the remote work well by replacing the chip?

Hi, it has been over a year ago now that I tried it, I tried it once, but I think I misplaced the new chip making even more buttons not working properly anymore. I didn’t try it again as it was not worth the time doing so. Thus unfortunately in my case it didnt work out. It could have been the solution when placed correctly.

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Thanks for answering
I have a similar problem, I will replace the chip, and see if it works.