Ps4 controller smd resistor fell off need help identifying what to order

a resistor fell of does anyone now package size or rating? controller wont turn on, whe I opened the controller this resistor was inside but I picked it up and it fell and I will never find it again lol

As it’s got not values written on the resistor, you will most likely have to get a donar board.

There is hope!

-Get your hands on another controller. ID the same resistor.
-Use a multimeter and check the resistance across the film resistor and find the resistance value.
-Figure out what size it is. That one might be an 0201. Looks tiny. Find a controller diagram and ID the size.
-Go into digikey or another electronics site and find a resistor with similar resistance value. The tolerance (ie ±10%) means there is a range of possible resistance values the new resistor you order can have. (If your resistor is supposed to be a 10ohm resistor with a tolerance of 10%, the true resistance can be anywhere from 9-11 ohms, and that’s okay! Get as close as you can). Ballpark guess is okay. Order at least 10; you will likely loose a few getting one on (either dropping it, losing it in solder, having it stick to you, etc)
-Look up some videos on microsoldering. It helps to have a small beveled tip, like a Hakko T18-CF1 (referencing tip model so you get an idea of shape) you’ll put down flux on the copper pads for the new resistor, heat it, use tiny tweezers to put it in place, heat up some solder on your tip, and kinda swipe it into the side of the resistor. I did this with a standard solder cone-shaped tip, but it’s tricky with something this small. Since I can’t post links, look up SMD Soldering - Smallest Package by Androkavo on YouTube. It’s a really good video showing how to use a bevel tip for these film resistors.

Good luck! I had a similar “fun” adventure with my Nintendo Switch.