PS4 controller "stick drift"

Hello everyone one! I’m new here and I have a question…

So, at first there was a bit of stick drift on my ps4 controller and I decided to go to a repair shop that can install new analog sticks. Btw they were at my own expense. And I said to this guy that the only problem that existed was that I had stick drift and the right analogue moved by itself. I could for instance start up ‘Warzone’ and my cursor would move automatically. However, they installed the new sticks by soldering and all that, but the problem remained and the stick drift has become even worse. So I paid for the new ones around 15 dollars and the installation itself cost roughly 35, for what? Absolutely a waste of money. But guys, can I get help? Could he who installed the new ones have done something wrong, not used all the appropriate tools, perhaps not letting the soldering dry out properly before putting everything back?

Thanks in advance, I appreciate every help!

There is a chance that the new sticks weren’t really new, and just used ones pulled from a broken controller. They also could have bridged a solder joint and that could be causing it to drift