Ps4 Controller won't work without usb connected

Hi, i have a weird issue with my ps4 controller v2 JDM-055 It had problems with the usb port which I have changed to a known good part. But it doesn’t seem to charge at all either with usb cable or by Sonys official controller charging station that charges by the connector at the bottom. However it syncs and works with usb cable plugged in.

It lights up like and pulses like its charging, and does that for like 5 minutes, then it does completely goes black for 1-3 minutes and then goes back to pulsing yellow light. I have also tried changing battery to a known good one without result.

Tried the usual stuff like power cycling console, reset the controller and all that.

I guess it’s hardware related to the motherboard, do you guys maybe know something I can do that maybe fixes it? or what part on the motherboard that could be bad so I can replace it.