PS4 CUH 1001A DIY Reball

So to reball the APU can i remove the chip with a heat gun? what type of tape do i need to cover the rest of the board? or would it work better with a rework Station that lets you control the heat? I’ve also watched many reball videos (so please don’t just say to watch YouTube on it)…if i was to attempt a reball do you know what exactly i need like…type of flux? or cleaner? what kind of soilder? and what tip for the soilder gun? and i see people using some type of copper strip that they rub on it? and can i reball the chip with a stencil and little soilder balls with a heat gun? and to set the chip back in place can i just use the rework/hear gun to put it back? Basically can i do a reball on a budget…like technically speaking can it be done??? Thank you!!!

You need a proper BGA rework machine, not a heat gun or hot air station. If you’re having to ask questions like these, then in my opinion it’s not a job that would be suitable for you to undertake.

Why do you need a proper BGA machine?
If you use a hot air station or hair dryer, this is spreading heat across a lot of the board. It also won’t distribute heat as easily as a BGA machine will. The BGA will also have a preheater and heat the board from on top and underneath. Then when the chip is removed, you’ll have to go through and manually put the solder balls on. Then when you put the chip back on the BGA will work out exactly the position it needs to be sitting, the heat, etc.

A reball is not a beginner job, and I would not recommend doing it without the correct equipment. There’s a reason businesses specialise in BGA rework. You will very likely not even get the APU hot enough with a heat gun to remove it in the first place.

Just my 2 cents.

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First, thanks for the response any information is helpful imo. I’ll take your “2 cents” with a grain of salt… I’ve realized everyone seems to have there own way of going about a Reball… say i invested in a BGA machine can you maybe give me like a beginner lesson on what to do and how to go about it? Or maybe share a Reball experience you’ve had? Pleeeease and Thank You!!!

Also what’s you’re opinion on those stencils people use for reballing the APU chip?