PS4 CUH 1001A HDMI Port Fixable?

Bought a PS4 CUH 1001A to fix. Console turns on, and white light sits solid after blue light. I opened it up and saw that HDMI port pins are all soldered together. Board doesn’t look like its damaged.
My question is, does this look fixable? I don’t have equipment yet to fix this, but would love to try so before ordering few things would like to know.

(Cant add photo to show, dont understand why is there as an option)

It’s a simple fix, there is always a chance to find out some other problems… but this is a common case of someone’s failed attempt to fix it…

Received my equipment today and removed HDMI port from motherboard. 3 ports seem to be damaged beyond repair. Let me know if anything can be done here:


you just have to run wires from nearest pad section to port pins… first of all clean all the solder residues so you can see clearly where to connect pins from missing pads…

Will give it a go. I have seen Steve do it on Youtube, so will use it as guidance :smiley:
Is this the wire used in videos? Its posted in Amazon store as supplies used: " Remington Industries 35SNSP.5 35 AWG Magnet Wire, Enameled Copper Wire, 8 oz, 0.0061" Diameter"

That will work fine, i used once copper wire from a usb cable and it worked perfect… just be patience…