PS4 CUH-1115A not working properly!

Hi, so I’ve got PS4 CUH-1115A and something happened to it.So basically when I start my ps4 I’m keep on getting errors like -Cannot access system storage; -Cannot start the PS4. I’ve tried to change hard drive, reinstall, update system storage but still same error.When I start my ps4 it is on blue light but then after couple of seconds it turns white and stays.Also sometimes when I start my PS4 I can see things on a screen, sometimes not. So I don’t know what to do to fix my PS4 does anyone can help me out?

Hi… when the ps4 gives the error code CE-34335-8 this means it cannot detect your HDD(Hard Disc Drive). Unfortunately there can be a few causes to why. Did you replace the hard drive with a supported one for your model? Make sure the hard drive is connected properly and not loose as this could cause this issue. It could be a broken hardware processor. There could be bad sectors on the hard drive itself. The hard drive power supply connector might be damaged. You can try to "Initialize PS4(Reinstall System Software). This is done by booting your ps4 into safe mode but “WARNING” doing this will delete all your data in the system storage including user information, applications and games. If you are able to back up your data this should be done first before considering this option. This should be your last option if all else fails. Hope this helps

When I’m reinstalling my software same thing happens.

when replacing your hard drive did you make sure that the one you purchased was compatible with a ps4? Check all the cables that run from the hard drive to the motherboard and the power supply to make sure everything looks right. You can perform a CHKDSK operation with the hard drive on a computer to remove or fix bad sectors, scan and fix errors…if that does not work you can perform a full format of the hard drive. if you dont know how you can look up how to do perform these tasks online. Hope this helps

You’re downloading the wrong Software…The Software You are downloading is just an Update…You need the full Software…There’s a link on their Website to download it…The download is like 1001 mb…I had this same issue and went online and typed in the Error Code and this is what I found out…I went on the Website and downloaded the right file and My PS 4 now works…I’ve done this on 2 different PS4s…It worked both times…My PS 4 said the same thing as Yours did…Can’t start PS4 download the update software 5.05 or newer

I am downloading software file and still same thing happens.

What software file…mine was 7.02…The latest Software for PS4…They’re 2 files one is just an Update to the working System and the other is the Full Software…Are You doing it right? First You need to create a Folder Named PS4…Then Create another Folder Named UPDATE…It must be in Upper Case Letters like I have shown here…Download the PUP file from the Playstation Website/ Copy the file to the UPDATE Folder…Move the UPDATE Folder to the Folder called PS4…Here’s how it should look…(PS4/UPDATE/PUP File…When You click on the PS4 Folder there should be a Folder inside it called UPDATE and inside that Folder should be the PUP File You downloaded from the Website…Are You sure You’re downloading the right File? The File for just an Update to Your working System is only around 450 Megabytes…The File for restoring the whole System is like 1001 Megabytes…If You’re downloading the 400 plus Mb. File it will not fix Your Unit…It must be the 1001 mb. File…If possible don’t use to big of a Flash Drive one about 4 Gigabytes will be plenty…Hopes this Helps…I have the File already set up and have used it on 2 Different System and it fixed both of them…If they’re was some way to just send You the File from My Copy it would fix Your System without a bunch of Hassles…I don’t know if I’m allowed to give You My E-Mail Address or I could maybe send You the File via E-Mail

1 other thing I forgot to mention,If You have downloaded this File numerous times Your Computer will start putting a number on the File…Example…Playstation4(1).PUP…Be advised You need to make sure You delete all Your previous downloads or right click and select rename and remove that Number from the File…It should only say Playstation4.PUP

just to mention, the name of that file is PS4UPDATE.PUP, but probably the ps4 will recognize it even with a different name, just by extesion file…

Yes that would be the proper Name…But it still has to be put into a Folder Named UPDATE inside the Folder Named PS4…PS4/UPDATE/PS4UPDATE.PUP

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