Ps4 CUH-1115A powers on then off

since day 1 about 4 years ago when I purchased it, the ps4 has been faulty requiring me to unplug it and then replug it in to make it turn on, this likely caused the original power supply to die as for the past few months the ps4 hasn’t been able to get any power at all to it with the old power supply, so I replaced the power supply and the machine now gets power, but the ps4 only turns on for about a second before it turns straight back off and then it has to be replugged again.

i have only seen a few videos and forum posts about what the issue could be, could be power supply, APU, or the bracket on top of the console with washers underneath, and none seem to apply to mine

i cant test or get to the APU but the console has worked fine for around four years at this point before the power supply died so I can’t imagine the APU and the bracket would be the issue all of a sudden
although i do have an insect issue that could be the issue but i believe its more related to something in the console itself as its past hasnt been 100% as again it was faulty when i bought it.