Ps4 cuh-1200 hdmi

I bought a fat PS4 thinking it was just a normal old PS4 HDMI repair, which I have done a couple times before, but it turns out the CUH-1200 is a bit different. I guess I should have done better research :confused:

I did some basic troubleshooting, checked the pins/filters/caps, reflowed the HDMI port and might replace the port next. The only thing I could notice was that the component 5 next to the HDMI port reads about 2.5kΩ… Isn’t it a fuse? If so, does anyone know where I can purchase a new fuse?
I have a photo of the component but can’t post a link…

If no one knows, I guess I’ll try to replace the port and chip next. Thanks!

Does the fuse have continuity you should be worried about continuity with a fuse it’s just wire in a tube mate you could replace it with a bit of wire and the console won’t care it’s just bridging a gap

The fuse does not have continuity. I’d much rather replace it with the same fuse… The fuse is there for a reason: to protect other parts of the circuit. If there’s something else broken down the line I’d much rather blow a couple fuses than blow a trace and/or a larger chip.

Does the 5 mean it’s a 5A fuse maybe?
photos dot

I’m unsure mate I’ve only ever replaced the big fuses Tronicsfix will know something about it though I learned about the continuity from his channel he tends to check for continuity on the fuses

check the port pins where it connects to the board it looks like there are a few connected together and i’d clean up the oxidisation beside it too

To anyone else looking for the fuse, here are the specs according to a Reddit thread I created:
Self Resetting 1206 SMD 0.2A Fuse

Reddit thread: reddit dot com/r/consolerepair/comments/dhfpj5/ps4_cuh1200_hdmi_fuse/

Hey there,
sorry, a bit late, but yes, it is a fuse, a pptc fuse.
Never replace this fuse (or any fuse, unless you really know what you’re doing) with a wire or anything, since it does protect your HDMI chip.
PPTC fuses might have higher resistances than normal fuses. I’m not sure if 2,5k Ohms is ok, but it might be. Also, a PPTC fuse is self resetting and usually does not break that easily.

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