Ps4 cuh-1215 blod

The case is my friends console.
It won’t boot, just blinks blue light on power button. It also heats up pretty quickly. There is no reaction between controller and console, even when connected via USB (no charging etc.) I couldn’t get it into safe mode. Controller works when connected to PC.

From what he has told me:
-He wasn’t really using it for playing that much
-It didn’t fell or got damaged (that’s what his children are saying)
-It haven been used for couple of weeks and just didn’t started any more
-Could have been a storm(?)

I need some help in diagnosing the problem as I don’t have much experience in PS4. How to properly check power supply, what voltages and where and how to start it disconected from motherboard? I have visually inspected the power supply board and it looks fine. No blown condensators or burned components. If power supply is fine i will try to reflow the apu or maybe some other chips.