PS4 CUH-1215A Wi-Fi problem

Hey guys,

I’ve got a PS4 here that is 100% functional minus the Wi-Fi. I had it plugged in using ethernet and the internet works fine, it’s just the Wi-Fi that won’t work.

Even though the bluetooth with my controller works fine, I tried to replace the antenna and still the Wi-Fi doesn’t work. After updating the system to the latest software I checked the Wi-Fi MAC address and it actually doesn’t exist, which is something I’ve never seen before. The LAN address is there, just not the Wi-Fi one.

I’ve browsed a bunch of forums and found that it’s definitely a known problem in the community but I haven’t really been able to find a solution. I would imagine there must be a bad board component but I don’t know what it might be.

Do any of you have some insight?

Hello, was you able to resolve your issue? If not there’s a few things you can check… first ensure that your Wi-Fi is working with other devices. If so check to see if your Playstation Network is online. You can try a different Ethernet cable or port on your router, some ports on routers are known to blow. Make sure your applying your password correctly…if correct and still no signal try moving your ps4 closer to your router… could be a signal interference. Check your DNS Settings and make sure your ps4 is detecting the right information from your internet service. Also try using your ps4 controller and select “Settings”, select “Network” then select “Set Up Internet Connection” there are 2 options, 1. Use Wi-Fi and 2. Use a LAN. Select “Use Wi-Fi” then select “Easy”. After saving the setting run a “Connection Test” to see if you are recieving any Wi-Fi signal… hope this helps.