PS4 cuh 1216a drive disk problem: only in vertical position to read disk

My PS4 sometimes fails to read discs, specifically once I insert the disc, sometimes it manages to read it right away, other times it’s as if it can’t “focus” generating a continuous “Click”/noise metallic noise, then followed by a noise as if it wants to eject the CD, then it tries to read it again and finally it appears on the screen: “CD not recognized”.

However, when I put the ps4 upright, the disc is read. I would like to understand what is mainly the problem, I have read several forums and watched a lot of videos, however, I would like to understand the cause, considering that if the lens has difficulty only initially recognizing the cd, I don’t think it is correct to say that the lens is degrading, because once the cd is “focused” there is no problem, it allows to play without any difficulty. Therefore, before replacing the lens I would like to understand the cause considering that I have made the following attempts, I have tried:

-restoring the database

-disassembling the player by cleaning the lens with alchol for electronic components and removing the little dust present

-reinstalling the system on another hdd

-bent the metal plate to try to bring the magnetic part that hooks onto the cd closer

-little bit of “oil” on the mechanism present in the metal plate to make the mechanical parts smoother

None of all these attempts led me to a permanent solution.
Would you help me find the cause? :slight_smile:

perhaps I could insert thin plastic holders underneath the lens assembly so that the lens can be closer to the CD and so the lens would probably struggle less to read the CD. What do you guys think?

I have a video of the problem but I don’t know how I can link it here to maximize understanding of the issue :frowning: