PS4 delay on power and BLOD

I have a PS4 1215a. When I plug the power cord in the back I cannot power it on for nearly 5 seconds and then it’s a never ending blinking blue light. I can’t figure out the problem. The delay in power made me think it was the PSU, but it’s not that.I tested a working one and still has the same problem. The HDMI port seems loose, but the TV responds when I turn on the PS4. I Noticed the slot or port for the HDD wiggles. Could that be a problem. Lastly the thermal pads are old, worn and a couple came part. Any thoughts as to what it could be? I really need help

I think the problem is on the APU itself but you could try to switch with other hdd first. In case for the thermal paste there’s low possibility that’s the problem. Thermal getting dry is just gonna affect your PS4 temperature like overheat. For BLOD most case is refer to the APU problem, there’s a pretty high chance that the solder ball beneath the APU is cracked making it won’t contact with the board. You could try to rework it but i have to say it’s not a long lasting solution, best i can say it’s just gonna hold for a couple of months

Thank you for your response. After taking a hard look on a good motherboard VS the the one not working I found some chips came off the board to the left side of the ram chips. Sadly without someone who knows how to solder and I’d need the right chips replaced sadly the PS4 will sit in the closet until then.

Shame, but hang in there…

No, the solder wouldn’t cause it unless its fall damaged or corroded. Reballing wouldn’t fix it because the fault is in the chip itself