PS4 Disc Drive Eject

Hey everyone!

Have a strange issue with my disc drive. Reads and plays everything perfectly, accepts disc no problem. When I hit eject, the disc comes out! But then, the rollers don’t stop lol it pushes the disc right onto the table and then finally stops rolling.

Any help here would be really appreciated.


sounds like a faulty limit switch…

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Are those the switches activated by the two black arms when a disc is inserted or ejected?
I just swapped a spare drive out for now and the console works, but I’ll have to take it apart and inspect it.

I did find the metal backing of the laser just floating around in the housing. Not sure if that would cause this issue though.

this is the sensor switch, as the disc is going in, these switches are sensing the location of the disc, you can test them with a multimeter (continuity), sounds like the first switch (from outside to inside) is shorted inside…

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Thank you so much for the detailed instructions!

I ended up just swapping the whole board from a spare drive I had. Worked like a charm.

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