PS4 Disc Drive Help needed

Hey friendos i need a bit of help.
My younger brother has asked me to try to fix his PS4. I build computers and havent had much experience other then cleaning consoles so i thought id give it a shot.

This is a PS4 1200 (matte cover with physical system buttons not sensors)

The symptom he said started as the disc drive would pull in a disc, take longer then usual to read it which progressively got worse until it wouldnt read a disc at all.
He states the system eventually stopped pulling a disc in entirely.
He says at the time is stopped pulling in a disc, he would frequently hear the disc drive cycle constantly and one day that stopped as well
The last thing he noted is that it will not complete a software update and presents error code 42118-6

I verified concern, will not pull in a disc. Will not update, i tried through the system, in safe mode with the internet tool and with a usb, all present the same error.

It will not attempt to pull a disc in at all. i removed the disc drive, verified nothing inside looks out of place. all looks to be pretty clean. I verified the ribbon cables are seated fully and dont look to be damaged. The only thing i noticed was an audiable clicking when the system is on.

I fully disssembled the disc drive, i plugged the ribbon cables into the motor, laser assembly and fired up the system and the clicking is the laser reader clicking over and over again ill try to attach a video i took of it.

Finally i replaced the entire disc drive. zero change in symptom. still clicking, still will not take a disc in. however i can manually load it and unload it with the drive motor screw. if i press the eject button without a disc loaded it beeps 3 times, if i load a disc and press eject it beeps once but does not eject the disc.

any help or advice would be appreciated.

Id also like to add the new disc drive came with new ribbon cables, so that there is no common component to both drives.
If anyone could attach a schematic I do have access to a multi meter and soldering stuff.

from my experience with PCs, a clicking sound would suggest that something’s up with the hard drive. not fully sure if that’s what’d be wrong with the PS4, but I do have a similar issue with mine (not pulling a disc) and i’m looking for and trying solutions for that as well

if when putting in the disc and Disc drive doesnt make mortor sound at tall(roller not spinning), very likely you have a blow fuse on motherboard