PS4 disc drive makes strange noise then unrecognizable disc

Recently my PS4 has been making wired sounds when I put a disc in and then it shows a unrecognizable disc. Today I used one of your tutorials on YouTube to take it apart and clean it. The disc tray claw were fine (black claw thingy) the rollers and the white strip between them was all there and in place and I even cleaned the laser but it still does it.
I can’t post links so if you go to YouTube and search
Does anyone what’s the problem? Posted by Iain Dickson hopefully it’s fixable

Hi Iain,

I had a similar problem. I dropped my PS4 and it stopped reading discs. I have torn the PS4 down, inspected the disc drive and a white/translucent wheel has come loose. I expected to repair the laser. I haven’t changed the laser yet but did buy one.

I put the translucent wheel back in place (Magnetic) and reassembled the PS4. When I reassembled, I expected a moment of truth - but putting a disc in made it make a loud and slow winding/whirring noise (not like a normal one!) - now it won’t even get a disc to the point it will say ‘disc unreadable’.

Really unsure on this one, hopefully we can get some advice!

I will Recommend cleaning the lens With A Cotton, After that try to blow Clear Air for some time through the lens, you can repeat the process it will help.