Ps4 Disc drive mechanism

Good afternoon, sometimes my ps4 have troubles reading discs, if I gently hit the top of the console while trying to read the disc it works. I opened recently and I notice the barrier that pops up when a disc is inserted is not fully up, causing the disc to get stuck not going all the way, I was wondering if it is a mechanism problem from the drive or the lector lens. cheers. the white plastic on the left side of the mechanism doesnt seems to go all the way.

Sounds like the disk is not being seated fully. How do the two blue rollers look? Are they aligned with a plastic white cylinder between them? Could also be the spring that makes that barrier stay up is a little worn out. Just have to bend it a little to give it more resistance. I can find a video if that is your issue.

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The rollers are aligned with the white plastic cylinder between them. Yes, the disk gets stuck because there is like a white lever that the disk pushes, that lever is connected to the barrier.


‘Image of my lens mechanism and the lever I’m talking about’

When the disk is fully ejected, the end of the lever close to the gear gets far and the gear is no longer touching the lever, which I think is meant to be like that. but when I insert a disk, for some reason the disk touches the lever but not with enough strengh to get the other end with the gears so it can start closing the barrier and get the barrels down to start spin and read the disk. so it just gets stuck half way, the only way I have managed to make it start is to push down myself the disk while interting it so the barrier raises enough for the lever to reach the gear and finish the process.

I have noticed that if I push from the far side of the gear it is easier than pushing from the gear side.

It could be a worn out spring like you said, I think that something else needs to happen while inserting the disk, the lever I mentioned earlier feels like it gets stuck until the barrier raise at least a bit.

If you have any idea what the problem could be that would be great, with a video even better haha. Cheers

Ok so first let’s try the spring method and see if that can help anything. The video title is:

Ps4 CUH-1002A poor disk feed, slow disc insert, disc insert issue

and it is by Suvio @ Autronics LTD.
Start watching at 5:10 and that is where he goes over possible issues and the spring bending.
(If you get bored skip to 7:24, it is the vital part.)
If this doesn’t work just say and I will try to find something else lol.

Also check if the magnet that grabs the disc is the right way round. It sounds crazy but mine was. A poor previous repair job.