PS4 Disc Drive Not working after replacing laser

Hey everyone, I just followed the video on YouTube and went ahead and replaced the laser on my PS4 Pro. It was having the issue where it would make a clicking noise and eventually give me an unrecognized disk.

After replacing the laser, it is now not grabbing the discs to take in. It is just unresponsive when I go to insert a disk. I’ve taken it apart for a second time and cannot see any obvious reasons it is not responding. I did take off the plate like in the video but placed it back the same way after.

Let me know what I can provide to help diagnose it. I’m going to leave it alone for the night as I’m not getting anywhere on my own.

So I went back through and found the issue. The Disc insert/eject sensors seemed to have been damaged. The tips broke off. Any tips on the best way to go about this? My sensor board shows NLD-004 but I can only find KLD-004 on eBay.