PS4 Disc Drive not working

I’ve a huge problem with my Disc Drive of my Ps4 Slim.
Every single function of my disc drive isn’t working anymore.

  1. It won’t spit out my CD anymore, It’s just like stuck in there
  2. My drive isn’t spinning
  3. CD isn’t readable
  4. Drive doesn’t react if i press the eject button

If anyone knows how to fix this, please reply to this. Thank you in advance for reading my report.

This seems to be a recurring issue among PS4 Slims. I’ve had 3 in my shop, 2 of which were filters on the logic board, one of them wasn’t, and I was unable to solve. Are you comfortable taking the device apart and using a multimeter?

Filters or fuses? Can you be more specific?

Hi there! Got the same issues as described. It would be a lot of help if you could be more specific on what are the filters on the logic board youre talking about. Location? what it looks like? how to test it? Thanks a lot.