PS4 disc drive probleme


  1. unrecognized disc
  2. Won’t take the disc (now fixed)
  3. Disc won’t spin
  4. Roller won’t stop spinning almost every 15sec after putting in a cd

My ps4 hasn’t read a disc in a couple years I remember b4 it completely stopped reading, it started acting up weird ,it would take the disc and spit it right back up like 10 - 20 time b4 the disc would actually stay and read did that untill my roller almost got completely jam it would work but I had to force the cd in. after a couple month like that it stopped recognizing my disc completely but I still kept my console and played it Daily (only switch to buying games online instead)after it stopped recognizing my disc my roller started to spin almost none stop every 15sec for months untill it just stopped doing it just by itself (and this was like 4/5 years ago ) …
I watched alot of you’re video on YouTube and tried to fix my problem myself recently since most PS4 problems looked pretty simple to fix…

I started whit:
1 Safe mode / update system software
2 safe mode / rebuild database
3 open my ps4 took out disc drive out (though maybe the roller was out of place ) but everything looked fine

So I clean everything up (not hole PS4 ) but I clean the fan and disc drive completely and put it back together and since I did that my PS4 now take in the cd , I hear the laser going up and down trying to read but I don’t hear the cd spinning? And also since I clean it my rollers started acting up again when I try a cd and take I out my roller keeps turning on like every 15 second what would be the cause of that???

What would be the reason why my cd won’t spin? Could there be a other reason why my PS4 won’t recognize my disc ? If so how can I tell and what would be the steps in fixing that???


Open the disk drive and check the momentary position switches. There are 3 on the back (on a small PCB to which the thinner ribbon is connected). Sometimes they force to opened or closed position and don’t react on the CD.

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Thanks I will definitely have a close look at those the next time I open my console…but before I do, do you now why my cd is not spinning ?? Idk if it’s my laser or something else ???..because when I put a cd in I can clearly hear my laser going up and down but don’t hear the cd spin… Is there a way to know exactly what is causing this?? So I don’t have to buy and replace extra part that are already working …

My ps4 slim won’t take a disc at all I’ve tried everything and I’ve watched your video on it I still did all of that and it still doesn’t work what do I do