PS4 disk drive makes noise. Unrecognized disc

My son has a PS4 slim that’s a couple years old. We just recently replaced the hard drive because the system was freezing and not downloading games giving us error codes. And now download games work flawlessly but the system drive accepts and ejects disc games and DVDs just fine but while the disc are inserted in the system drive it makes a high pitch “ whirling“ Noise and even sounds like it’s Ejecting but keeps the disc, which is followed by an error code of unrecognized disk. Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated. YouTube videos and tutorials would help as I’m not too tech savvy…Thank you again

oh yes now what to do you should throw your sons ps4 slim outside and buy him a new one

Sounds like it could be a bad or dusty laser possibly? might be worth opening up and gently cleaning the lens with a cotton swab and glass cleaner or alternatively buying one of those disc based lens cleaners which can slot in without disassembly.

Figure it’s best to rule out the simple stuff first but If that doesn’t solve it then report back.