PS4 Disk drive power issue blown fuse F6202 SAD-002


I have been working on a PS4 repair and have located a blown fuse that is identified as F6202, this is shown to be blown and will need to be replaced. I have not been able to locate the following information on this part it is as follows;

1 amp Package size 0402 SMD fuse

I need to find out the voltage rating for the fuse but have not found this over the last 4 days of researching online. does anyone know what the rating of this fuse should be?

in general terms, you can take a measure of the voltage at the point you need and you can select a step up voltage for your fuse… as fuses are designed in current (amps) just make sure voltage insulation is enough for the line voltage…

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Hi La_Hache_Es_Muda

thanks for the reply I have ordered the correct amps and made sure that the voltage rating is enough for the disk drive to use.

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Excellent… let us know the end of the story!!

I try to repairing my ps4slim but I cannot find f6202 fuse in Germany. I am not German and I don’t know how find it in Germany . Can someone help me. Thanks

well, it’s not the best practice, but you can also just bridge that fuse, install a piece of wire instead of that fuse…

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