PS4 display not working after hdmi port replacement

I replaced my hdmi port for my PS4 slim it looks good and it still shows no display but my tv reads theirs a hdmi port in which it used to not read it what should I do play help me!!!should I put a new display ic chip on it!!!

Make sure the ports soldered on properly and if your still getting the wlod check the hdmi’s ic chip

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Do you think it could be that a small amount of soldering is making two ports of the hdmi connected could it be that?

If there are pins on the HDMI port that are soldered together then, yes that will cause no signal. Each pin needs to be only soldered to it’s corresponding pad on the motherboard. You can always post a pic of it so we can give you better advice on what might be wrong. The first thing to fix though, is the bridged pins


Ok thank you and how can I remove the small part that’s solder together or do I need a new hdmi port?

There’s no way for me to know without being able to see it. If it’s just a solder blob then you can remove it with flux and solder wick.

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