Ps4 doesnt decide to turn on when i try to. It decides to work whenever it wants

Can you help me out? My ps4 has been messing up having problems with my playstation. Ive went to safe mode initialized it, made sure my hard drive was screwed in i tightened it, i done basically everything in safe mode. I also have the “cannot start ps4” i re updated the software update from a usb formatted it correctly. And when i play a game after a little it corrupts or like the screen is like a old tv when u disconnect the hdmi it turns all sorts of colors (blue screen i guess u call it ) and i have to click the playstation turn on button twice sometimes 3 times for the blue light to come on. It blinks the blue light of death and nothing shows on the tv. I unplug it plug it back in after 3 minutes ( into the wall with a new AC cord) and it still happens. Once it decides to turn on (its whenever it wants to at this point) all of my games and everything is gone. (Ive opened my ps4 to apply thermal paste) and replace a ribon cable to the disk drive for the eject disk button to work again. (It was broken for a while now) please help. Any suggestions or do i just need a new ps4.When i was slightly pressing areas it would blue screen whis is back the back right side of the playstation 1st generation error code i always get CE-36329-3

My Ps4 glitches when i start it. When in safe-mode, it doesnt. Any Clues why this is like it is?
I took i apart and the only obvious was that the power supply sounded strange and felt strang in my hand. i cannot descibed it better sorry.

the glitches are that bad, that i can see only for a second sometimes a bit from the real ps screen.
it looks like when an old tv got no signal and rustles.
i hope you understand what i mean. any clues? the hdmi port looks normal.

Copy and pasted this one^ to better explain it.