PS4 Dual Shock Trigger L2 issues, its not broken but it actives on its own

Hello everyone, my DS4 L2 trigger works on its own when I play games like R6S or COD. the aim button works by it self without me even touching it, is there a solution for this problem

note: I bought the controller at august so it is pretty new.

I already handle a few of this case, i think the problem is on the conductive film socket. Many time i found it won’t touch the board below. You can strip up your controller and try to give a little bit bump like tiny tissue on the conductive film socket so when you reassemble the controller it will give more pressure to the conductive film so it can connect to the board.

If you bought it new, use your warranty. I do not recommend doing repairs as long as you have a valid warranty, so use it!

I actually did call the warranty about this problem, they told me it is only 7 day warranty for the controller.

Thank you very much, I know know why it activates on its own also when I press on the L3.

Do you have a video tutorial for this bcz I m not familier in tearing dwon the controller and reassemble it again

Before you tried to strip it be sure you have all the equipment, also the video link that i will give you is only for 1 type of controller but overall it’s should be the same and what i give you is the tutorial about replacing the conductive film but in your case your conductive film is good the only thing you need to do is give a little bit bump (you can use a tiny piece of tissue) on the conductive pad.

Also here’s pictures for the bump :

I am at loss for words, Thank you very much