PS4 Encoder IC pad gone

Hi there, this is my first post on the forum.
I accidentally removed one of the soldering pads while I was cleaning the board from remaining flux.
Are there any alternate traces that I could use?
Pic1: ibb(dot)co/2srgFkk
Pic2: ibb(dot)co/F45BpKs
I uploaded the images using imgbb(dot)com

The pad is ground… That isn’t supposed to be, right?

Trace is still there, just the pad is gone, peel the rest of the trace and add a jumper wire…

I don’t think I’m able to do that (I’m new to SMD soldering).
Can I just add a jumper wire to a ground point?

I ripped a capacitor off

Also, the pad was not grounded, there was a solder blob that connected it to ground.
I managed to use a wire as a jumper wire

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I ripped the jumper wire off the board while cleaning it