PS4 error CE 34335-8 but it's not HDD!

Hi, I just bought a PS4 Pro CUH 7202B
2nd hand. The seller said he was last playing FIFA 20 on it around Xmas 2020.
He said it turned off while playing and this error appeared.

"Cannot start the PS4
Cannot access system storage. "

Now I’ve looked it up says change the HDD (did that with a good 500GB) but still same error. I even scanned the 1TB HDD that was already inside the console on windows formatted it and that works on another console of mine.
So it’s not the HDDs.

Also safe mode will only show this error.
I don’t get any of the menu options when I try go to safe mode with the holding the power button for two beeps.
I have a few PS4s and they all go to the safe mode menu selections for re-installing system software etc… but this one won’t. Just shows that error screen. I would love to fix it. My friend says he knows how to solder. Any ideas what to look for?
Thank you for your time.