PS4 error code when updating (SU-42118-6)

Can you guys help me every time I try to update my PS4 to the new update it shows this error code (SU-42118-6) I don’t know what to do I Need help!! It would be nice thanks :slight_smile:

there is a communication problem between motherboard and disc drive board… does the disc drive works? usually when this happens is because the disc drive is not working, also could be a flex bad connection…

Yeah it doesn’t work how can I fix it?

Here is a detailed explanation by Andrew Paul about this problem and how can you fix it…

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Is there any way I can fix this without doing all this because I don’t have the tools for that. I also have this problem and I ordered a new ribbon cable online and once that arrives I will see if that fixes the problem or f not unfortunately Im going to buy a new ps4.

No, there is no way to fix it without proper tools, you can take it to your nearest repair shop ans they can help you, also you can send it to tronicsfix and they will fix it for you… they are repair experts…!!

For the problem was the disc drive and I got it to work I had an old PS4 that had a working disc drive and replace it I know I could of fixed the broken one but didn’t have time but I just replaced it but I had to put in the daughter bored that came with the PS4 if not it would not work

I just opened my ps4 again to recheck everything and the daughterboard and motherboard are ok but i did find a ribbon cable that connects to the daughterboard that is kind of chipped. Is there a way I can post a picture so you guys can see?