PS4 Fan just twitches a little and stops

My fan is not working, when I power on my console, it tries to spin, twitches a little and stops in that moment. I tried to exchange the thermal past, cleanned everything up, however nothing happened and the overheat screen appeared.

I don’t know how I could test the fan (if the correct voltage is reaching the connectors properly), but it’s just an idea.

I got a little mad and kept trying to spin it by myself, hoping that it could it work again, and no luck.

Hey there,
usually those fans are broken. Testing these fans usually is easy. I’m not sure if the PS4 uses 3 or 4 leaded fans. If you find that out, googling for the pinout of that fan is pretty straight forward. Then you know the pins you need to apply the voltage to. The required voltage usually is found of the fan itself.
Otherwise, just replace it. From my experience twitching fans are mostly broken.


Thank you very much for the answer!! I tested the fan with some wires plugged outisde the console and it had the same response. So, I assumed that the problem was actually the fan itself.

I’m ordering another fan, but in my country it takes a while to receive in my house. Then, I’ll update this topic.

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Was it the fan that was faulty, I have the same issue, fan tries to work but stops immediately and after few minutes my ps4 goes off…. Have cleaned still the same

Did replacing the fan allow it to spin up again?