PS4 Fan not spinning down after replacing thermal paste

My PS4 used to spin down the fan after closing the application to an almost completely silent operation, even if it was running the game for 1 hour or more. After replacing the paste, now it takes 5 minutes and you can still hear the fan spinning. Last week my brother brought me his console to replace its paste for him and now its cooler behaves just like mine’s. I’m using Cooler Master Mastergel Maker and have already tried different methods of applying it but none could change the result.

Does anyone know what configuration is this that the factory sets and apparently is lost as soon as you open it for the first time? Is there a way to recover it?


I have had the same thing happen to mine as well. I think its normal for that to happen. I would test if the fan spins down after closing a game an immediately going into an app like netflix to see if it spins down then