PS4 fan unusually loud

So I just got one of my PS4s back from a shop. I plugged it in, everything loaded up fine. I notice it’s pretty dusty so I take it apart and clean it. Loaded everything up & it turned on just fine. I noticed however as soon as I log into my account & reach the home screen the fan just starts blowing really loudly. More than usual I think. Is this normal for the PS4? It was around 85 degrees in my room when I noticed this

PS4’s cna be really loud. There’s not really any way to tell if it’s “normal” or not unless it’s overheating. If it gives you an overheating warning then there’s def a problem.

Yeah it’s just kinda unusual, considering my other PS4’s fan was never this loud when in rest mode or on the home screen with no applications running. Yet, this PS4 is just loud at all times, even when the console feels cool

Does it ever give you an overheating error? Try playing a really intense game and see if it overheats.

So I just turned on my PS4 & as soon as I loaded up a game, my PS4 got an overheating message & turned off. When I had opened my system previously to clean it the thermal paste looked relatively fresh so that can’t be the issue

OK, since it gives you the overheating error that gives us something to go on. Since the fan is loud we know that it’s working normally. There are two things that I would check first:

  1. Remove the motherboard and clean the heat sink fins from the inside.
  2. There could be something that was not put back properly. If the APU is not seated against the heat sink tightly then it will overheat. I’d check and recheck everything to make sure the motherboard and APU are sitting in the console correctly.

Those are the most likely causes. Let me know what you find.

It’s funny you should say that, as I just got done checking my APU clamp and it was actually placed incorrectly! (I’m guessing part of me thought putting clamp on tight would be a bad thing). Now my PS4 isnt getting overheating messages at the moment. Fan is dead silent but when I press my ear to the console I can hear it moving & I feel warm air coming out of the back of the console!

Yep, that could do it! Nice work.

Yeah the PS4 has been working amazing since I adjusted & tightened the APU clamp. Thank you so much for the help!

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I seem to be having issues with my PS4 also, it’s very loud during certain games but not all. I tried stripping it down myself and cleaning and notice I was missing a grey ram pad cover so I took one from a broken PS4 but it was different it was black one it seem to be made from a different material. I just want to see if this would cause an issue or if it’s something else ?

Hey there,
@Matthew_23: Your problem is not related to the original problem. You’d get a lot better feedback to your problem if you started a new thread.

Regarding your problem: Using a thermal pad made of different material should not matter.

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