Ps4 freezes watching videos

So I bought this console used off ebay for 90 dollars to fix when I got it I took it apart didn’t see much wrong with it except that it needed a new power supply so I bought one put it in and voila it worked, but after about a month it had gotten to where while I’m watching YouTube videos that the video will go into buffering and sit there. When I try to turn on my controller it just flashes white and won’t connect. The only thing I’m able to do is to turn off the console by holding the power button for a few seconds or unplugging it. I haven’t really tried playing a game cause this console is mainly used for watching videos in the bedroom so I’m not sure if it happens during games. Any help would be greatly appreciated

I think it’s either the wireless antenna or the wireless card itself
About your video buffering check if the wi-fi still connect or not
and about the problem your controller not connect it’s definitely there’s something wrong with your wireless. Try to connect the controller to your PS4 using cable first, if it’s connect, unplug and try using it on wireless, if your controller not connect then there must be something wrong with your wireless card on PS4.
If the wireless did connect on the internet and then disconnect then try to replace the antenna first, if it’s still not working then you have to replace the wireless card (for replacing wireless card, just give it to the more experience technician, as for antenna you could do it yourself, just hit youtube and search for it)
Reminder : when searching on how to open the PS4 you need to know your ps4 type first (fat, slim, or pro) different type, have different way to do it.
Lastly, i hope you succeed, please update if you need further assistant

I will do that. I had a feeling it might be a wireless card. If I connect the controller using the charge cable and i still can’t use the controller for anything what would you assume would be the problem?

So update. I turned the ps4 on with the controller plugged in and as I got into YouTube app the controller stopped working I couldn’t do nothing even with it plugged in. Bug YouTube stayed loaded…I wasn’t in a video yet just in the video selection screen. I unplugged the controller and it turned off. Tried turning it back on and the controller came in and just flashed white as usual. I plugged the controller back into the console and it wouldn’t come on or even show orange light. I know the controller is fine cause I tried it on a friend’s console and never had a problem with it.

That means there’s something wrong with the southbridge IC, FYI southbridge IC fucntion is to control all peripheral device that connect to the PS4 (like controller). I was gonna asking you to change the cable for the controller, but you said that the controller was fine so If even with cable your controller not connected then i am afraid your southbridge IC is faulty. Seems like your PS4 got multiple faulty parts on it. You can google the southbridge IC to know how to replace it, but i have to remind you that this is got intermediate difficulty to replace it and you need to have the tools to do it. I say you could give this to experience technician in your town to handle it, but i’m afraid it will be a bit costly. Lastly, this is purely analysis on hardware problems, as for the software i/m not to familiar. I would like to suggest to update it but some parts in your PS4 is definitely faulty so it’s highly risk the update would fail and start bootloop so don’t do it. FYI if you update PS4 but wireless card or some other parts faulty then the update would fail and you will stuck in bootloop so be careful about it.

So seems like its just better to use this console as parts

I’m afraid so, just curious about something, does your controller not working (while plugging with cable) after you open youtube app? or it doesn’t connect even if you’re not open the youtube app?
You mention above that when you got into the youtube app the controller stopped working, means when you navigate it to youtube app (before open it) it does connect right?

Yea, normally I turn my console on with my controller everything works fine while on the home screen but give my console about 10 minutes and my controller turns off by itself and when I turn it back on all it does is flash white and my console acts like its lost network connection. Almost like the console went into a freeze state. So I’m gonna believe it’s the network card but I just and bought a ps4 slim im gonna start buying ps4s so I’m just gonna use is one as a parts console

Cause I bought this one as a parts not working console off ebay for it wouldn’t power on and replaced the power supply and it worked but now that I think of it, it might have had some liquid damage but I’m not entirely sure.

Well that sucks but atleast it can be used as sparepart, so i guess it would mend your wound atleast. I’ve never buy from eBay since i’ve like 2 times get scammed and 3 times they send the wrong parts. I’m using Aliexpress now.

I ain’t heard of aliexpress ill have to check that out. Also you might know…where can I buy lots other than ebay