PS4 freezing / shutdown when loading games or apps


PS4 pro came in, thought it was a hard drive fault. Loaded new hard drive > installed and launched youtube > white light and no video. Tried again, this time just turned off. then I turned it on and it pulsed blue until I removed hard drive.

My thoughts:
OS was loading but once it took a load it failed. Now, what happens when you load an app or game (customer complaint was everything crashes when trying to load). It loads to the RAM and RAM usage will increase.

So, I checked all scrap boards. Had RAM that was from a slim with similar print but not same numbers.
Checked RAM specs on PRO or slim = 8GBs. So, removed 1 RAM from slim, Reballed and transplanted to pro. Tested for boot > powered up and loaded. Launched app > crashed.

Well, RAM is cross compatible. That is a good sign.

Now, swapped all RAM blocks from slim to pro > booted > app loaded! RAM swap worked. Sadly I could not detect fault from heat. 1 or more RAM blocks were bad causing the system to fail.


  • Launch app: either freezes white light or shutdown.
  • If booting RAM block faulty could be why I see systems power on and shutdown within a sec or 2.

Happy hunting my friends. Though this job was not worth the time, it sure was worth the victory.