Ps4 hdmi port traces- anyone have a photo?

Ok…i have another fun one. A ps4 pro powered on no picture. Hdmi port crooked, I assumed it was bent. Someone else tried to solder a new port on and I’m missing about 9 traces and solder pads.

Does anyone have a nice high res picture of the hdmi port traces preferably with the port removed? I don’t want to give up on this but those traces are tiiiiiny. Without a reference photo I don’t feel comfortable at an attempt.

what’s the type for the motherboard?

Numbers on it are 1-983-931-11. Then. Nvg-002

I don’t have one with port removed but i got this picture, i hope it will help you.

Screenshot_2020-12-21 Replacement Decoding chip Repair Parts for PS4 slim pro Console HDMI Port chip IC MN864729 Original n...

Looks like I may have to buy and teardown another bad mobo. To figure it out. Traces are so tiny I cant really see in the pic posted.