Ps4 is turning on for a second and then turning back off

Hello so my ps4 is turning on and then turning back off. I can see the blue light when it turn on the fan turn on for half a second and then it turn off. Yes I hear the beep. I tryed changing power supply that didn’t work. Please help :cry::cry:

Hi I’m kinder Facing the same problem but haven’t yet changed anything or have a solution, however I’d like to ask you was your power supply dead before you changed it?

no it wasn’t dead i tryed it on a different ps4 and it worked fine

I see, i trying to open up mine now, I think it could be the mother board

Please let me know if you ever find a solution

Same problem. The first time I try and turn it on, it blinks blue for 1 to 2 seconds and turns off (with the fan as well) second time I try and turn it on there is no blink but only sound. This whole thing just repeats. I tried turning it on with the controller but doesn’t work as well. Does anyone have the answer to what this is? I just want to know if it can’t/can be fixed, so that I won’t waste anything.

I got it to turn on by pushing the top of the PS4 (not much force) but now it just blinks blue forever (and HDMI not working) and the controller won’t connect even when plugged in. Going into safemode doesn’t work it just shuts down after the second beep.

There are a series of fuses on the motherboard that might be preventing it from starting up. If you are sure the PSU is good, then try testing the fuses, they are marked with an F on the board.

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The fact that the behaviour changed after pushing down on top of it makes me think it is something to do with the APU, which means it’s probably a BLOD and is just good for parts now.

I already fix several case of this, if your ps4 turn on and turn off for a sec it’s either PSU or the APU and nothing else. If the fan did turn on even for a sec then your PSU is fine but the bad news is there’s something wrong with your APU. And for this kind of case either your APU is faulty or the there’s a few solder ball’s that didn’t connect with the motherboard (the latter is often happening). I would recommend tighten the clamp on the APU as it will have a chance that the solder ball could connect to the motherboard somehow. And for the advanced solution you could rework the APU and this is mostly that i do (it require BGA Rework Machine, so leave it to the technician) but i would remind you that reworking the APU is not permanent solution as i can’t guarantee how long the problem will come back again (and the problem absolutely will come back again).