PS4 Joystick Replacement Stuck Tilted Forward

Hello All,

I have a PS4 controller that had some strange joystick problems. Moving the left stick would sometimes cause the right stick to move, and the right stick couldn’t move all the way right, both sticks had drift.

I replaced both joysticks with some replacements I got on Ebay, the right one works perfect–however the left instead of drifting it’s still stuck “forward.” Thinking I got a bum part I replaced the left stick with another new joystick–twice. (So a total of 3 joystick have been tried), and they all have the same issue. The joystick will work left and right, but not up/down–it’s always up.

What should the next steps in diagnosing/troubleshooting this be? The board looks fine, there’s been no water damage. There’s slight cracks on the shell, but those didn’t go down to the board.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions :slight_smile:

@patchshifter. I have been having the same issue with my analog stick replacement, I replaced it twice still drifts right a bit. I found this video on YouTube. Its for Xbox controller but I’m gonna try this method probably tomorrow ill let you know if it works. Search

How to replace Xbox one controller analog joystick - fix stick drift & more.

Video was made by SOSS Gaming.

I just ended up replacing the Trimmer Potentiometer Sensor and everything works great now.