PS4 lagging and crashing (please help)

My ps4 has recently been very slow and would crash regularly. Even after I factory reset it like three time (used to work before this week) the problems still continue. I opened it to do some cleaning to it but it’s still doesn’t function normally. I would like to know what you guys think the problem is. Thank you.

Did you re-initialize it and rebuild the database? If that doesn’t fix it, it could be an over heating issue. Did you clean the fan and heat sync, and apply new thermal paste? If none of that works it may be a hardware issue.

Yeah I reinitialized it and cleaned out the fan yesterday. Also, I never got any messages saying my PS4 is overheated. I always get messages that a problem occurred in my system storage when it crashes. I think it’s the hard drive but I wanted to see if there is any other possible problems.

Nope sounds like a bad hard drive I tend to use em til they burn emselves out they get slower as they start to die I’ve got a dying one in my desktop that I’ll continue to use until it dies it’s an old 2016 2tb but I have working drives dating all the way back to 2006 perhaps even earlier if you include the ide’s

What hard drives are compatible which my PS4 model CUH-1215A?

Any 2.5" HDD 500GB…

Could I get the 2.5” HDD but 1 TB

That’s even better…

Samsung makes a 2tb for it too

Thanks everyone for your help, I have ordered a hard drive online and will update when I install it.

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great… let us know!

Cool looking forward to hearing the update or in this case reading it

Hey everyone the hard drive came in yesterday, I installed it and the PS4 worked great. Thank you all again for your input.

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Glad to hear it’s working again mate have lots of fun