PS4 Making Loud Clicks When Powering On

Hey guys,

I have an original PS4 that makes loud clicks when it turns on. It’s not the HDD. It’s coming from the back end from the power supply, I assume.

This is my first og so I’m not entirely sure if that was normal or non-issue, or if the power supply is on its way out.


Have you tried pulling the hard drive to make sure that isn’t the problem they are famous for clicking when they are failing

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Is there anything stuck in the disk drive? That can cause some very weird noises. Other than that could be the fan with an obstruction in it. Might have to crack this sucker open to see what’s up.

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That’s the best option really can’t find out anything with the bastard closed it sounds like a moving part but they are all at the front though fan noise escapes through the back

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Nothing stuck in the drive. It functions normally. I should have mentioned this was with the cover off. That’s why I assumed power supply.

I should have mentioned this was with the top cover off. Hence my power supply suspicion!

Did you take the HDD out and power it up to confirm its not a hard drive issue?

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Pull the hard drive out then power her back on and see if it’s stopped the power supply can’t click i’ve had two separate models apart and they are all solid parts inside

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I’ll give it a shot, thank you!

Good info, I’ll try that out!