Ps4, No disc spin

I have a ps4 thats been taken apart by someone else and everything seems to work except the disc tray the console takes and ejects the disc easily but it doesnt seem to be spinning the disc and always comes up as unrecognized disc.

Solutions I have tried:
-Replacing the disc drive with another (Yes I correctly swapped daughterboard)
-replace ribbon cables that looked faulty
-inspected ribbon cables for any damage

Does anyone know what part of the motherboard is responsible for disc spin and what area should be checked?

i would checked the fuses on the daughterboard, also corrosion, clean it with a toothbrush and IPA… also you can check components on the mb around disc drive ribbon cable connector…

could you post a picture of the area to inspect?

on the daughter board?

Surprisingly the alcohol worked really well and now it’s reading disc thanks!

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excellent!! really happy to hear that !! sometimes solutions are as simple as that…!