Ps4 not booting anymore

I had a ps4 in for repair. Replaced the hdmi panasonic ic. Worked fine. Now its acting weird will only boot into safe mode and sometimes wont even boot into safe mode just flashes blue light for about 15 seconds then shuts off.

I have tried a new hard drive, new firmware, new housing everything lol. It just wont boot into normal mode…

Sounds like an APU problem most likely but have you tried a new power supply by chance? I don’t think that’s the problem but might be worth trying.

Also, what happened between it working fine after replacing the HDMI ic and now?

Yer tried several psu.

Nothing happened that I know off. Customer installed some games and then went down next day. Was thinking APU possibility. Not going to bother reballing. Cost outweighs a second hand unit. One for spares lol.

Yep, I’d guess APU then. Sucks that they are so fragile on them.