Ps4 Not reading any Disc, Help

I have a ps4 cuh-1215a I bought used from somebody from Facebook market place. And it will not read any kind of Disc. I have taken the ps4 Apart and cleaned the laser with rubbing alcohol. And it’s not reading anything. The ps4 doesn’t have an issue with taking the disc or ejecting. It sounds like it could be spinning inside the ps4 but maybe not that fast, I can’t determine if it’s the laser is just bad or if it’s the motor not spinning the disc or if I need the entire disc drive or what the specific issue is. I did see a video on YouTube “How a PS4 Disc Drive Works- Very Detailed” where it shows the ps4 plugged in to see the disc spinning and the laser working. I’m not sure if theres a video on how he took the ps4 apart so I can determine the specific issue? Any advice or help is greatly appreciated! Please help me.

Sounds like most likely a faulty laser

That was my first thought after watching some of your videos. But I can’t verify if the disc is indeed spinning. I feel like it should be a louder winding kind of noise happening. Sounds more like a quiter tick or a slower winding noise. I liked the video you made about the detailed disc drive. Seems like I would have to take apart the hard drive and the top of the motherboard part off to have it set up like you did in that video, if I did that is there any re gluing or saddering that would need to be done? Would be interested in seeing a video how you had the ps4 hooked up but you could see the disc spinning and the laser working, etc. Maybe I just watched a lot of your videos and started to get intimidated with it being possibly a chip or a fuse, excess glue and ribbons and all that stuff. Doesn’t appear any of the ribbons is damaged. So maybe I should just try the laser. I would just like to find out that the disc is indeed spinning though before I bought a laser so I’m not buying something that might not be the issue.

I’d try the laser…if it’s bad sometimes the disc won’t spin.

I replaced the laser. Still not working. What should I try next? :frowning: