PS4 not turning on and i dont know what to do

so i just got this console march of this year. i didn’t have any problems excluding for when i replaced the disc reader but after that i had no issue. yesterday my playstation started lagging when i tried to watch a youtube video so naturally i thought it was a fan problem so i opened it up to clean the fan the only thing was i had to remove the power suppl to fully remove the ps4. for some reason i watched many tutorials and the screws farthest to the back had been replaced and i cant find what screws they are so i went to the top because i could see the top piece of plastic wasn’t screw secured. i took it off and tried to get the metal part off but it was screwed in. i blew off some dust and tried to turn it back on, nothing. tried unplugging it and plugging it back in and waiting and nothing. i found a video on mr.tronics channel about this issue but when i tried to press the copper button it didn’t work so i know it’snot just the button on top of i tried to turn it on with my controller. idk if it’s a power supply issue because i didn’t do anything to it and i cant unscrew it if i wanted to. does anyone have any advice or tips before i blow 50 bucks on a power supply? any advice wanted.

I feel the same, I took mine apart to clean the dust. Well I found a lot of dust but I broke integral pieces doing it. I can’t offer any help only support of the brotherhood/sisterhood of lost PlayStationans

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do you think i should buy another 4 or just save up for a 5?