PS4 OG turns on (one beep) then off - Specific to me

Hi There,

I hope you are well and wondered if you can help me please?

Here is my PS4:
https :// PbNDJsIhsz4
It is YouTube so please don’t worry (delete the spaces)

If you don’t want to see it then basically my PS4 beeps once, blue light flashes and immediately turns off. The fans do not spin.
Holding the power button does not load up safe mode.

When I opened my PS4 I looked around very carefully and noticed that one of the microchips has a tiny chip. It is chipped on the very edge.

Is that enough to stop the PS4 from booting up?

The only fix I haven’t tried is a new PSU, which I’d happily spend money on seeing as PS5 is almost out and buying a new/used PS4 just wouldn’t be worth it now.

The PS4 is connected to the main wall socket and I have tried a secondary power cable too.

Thanks a lot!!!

Your link doesn’t work…

I have the same problem and i can’t find any way to fix it. Can you even go on safe mode with the OG PS4.

it could be a power supply issue or some short on the flex connector !!