PS4 original BLOD

sorry cuz my english is not good but i need some help. i have a ps4 with blod. its still beep when click eject button, blue light came on about 1 sec then turn off immediately and not turn on anymore until i unplug the power cord and plug it again. any hope the problem happen with my power supply but not my apu?


I’m EXACTLY on the same boat.
Bought a broken ps4 original I was trying to fix that only has a blue light for a short 2 seconds or so before it shuts off. (As show on this video (Look up TronicsFix video on YT: PS4 Turns On Then Off Troubleshooting - How to Fix), it looks like a PowerSupply issue but I don’t feel like buying one and not fixing it, I guess I could always try to resell the good PSU for a very little profit just so I don’t lose money on it)

I’ve noticed some people saying that when it’s APU issue, the PS4 has to be unplugged and plugged back in to get the blue light again. This honestly doesn’t make much sense to be as this would sound more like a PSU issue than a APU issue to me but I know very little about ps4s.

Whatever the case may be, I think I’ll buy a few washers to try the TronicsFix thing on and if it does work then I can rule out PSU. (Look up PlayStation 4 Turns On Then Back Off Repair on ifixit or google)
If it doesn’t work still then I don’t know what to do at that point haha, was about to open a topic here hoping someone would be able to give me some pointers.

There is a chance its the power supply but 95% of the time its the apu. If it is the apu your only option is to replace the apu chip. NEVER do the washer “fix”, reflow it, or reball it as all of those will not fix it. Reballing could fix it under very specific circumstances such as the console was fall damaged or the solder was corroded, but it won’t in any other condition.

i bought a new psu and it started to boot up again! but there’s a new problem. it’s got wlod (show ps logo for half a sec when boot up and blue screen with text when turn off) so i tried reflow that hdmi ic and now my ps4 work without any problem. it’s a roller coaster of emotion :joy:

If the reflow “fixed” it then the ic will have to be replaced. The solder 99% isn’t the issue but the act of heating it is what more likely appears to make it seem like its working. But how long it lasts I can’t say for sure. It could be 5 minutes, a month, maybe even a year if you are extremely lucky