PS4 Original CHU-1115A - disk drive issues

So I have an original PS4 CHU-1115A, board on the blue ray drive is a BDP-025. Last week while the kids were playing it decided to no longer eject disks, either via the in app eject option or the physical eject button on the system.

After some research online came across the manual eject screw and that worked, to get the disk out. But now when I try to insert a new disk the drive does not recognize a disk is being inserted and will not attempt to draw the disk in.

I have watched several videos online both from TronicsFix and others. I have pulled the drive out and checked everything I can see and the arms all seem to be functioning. If I pull the drive out and manually run the screw to pull the disk in it all of the gears are moving, and it looks like the buttons in the back are being depressed.

I have also checked all cables and made sure they are secure when reassembling.

I have looked online and can purchase a new drive for about 60 bucks however I understand that the board on my current drive is married to the mobo and I have to swap that over. From watching some other videos it looks like there can also be fuses on this board as well as the mobo that possibly could have blown. I don’t currently have a multi meter working to test and don’t want to waste 60 bucks on a drive if the boards are bad.

If I use the manual eject screw to have it pull the disk in, its a PITA but it works at least the drive functions.

Is there anything else I can check? Looking for ideas and trying to decide if I should just get a new referb’d unit. Only thing that sucks is that I have shit internet so all the downloads take forever, so trying to figure out what I can do to fix this unit.

LOOK for someone/shop who could fix it less than 60 bucks or invest some money on a good multimeter and try look for a fuse fix.
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