PS4 original (CUH-1003A) disc drive problem

The rollers are present but the disc doesn’t seem to go in all the way and doesn’t spin up. The blu ray laser seems to work as prior to this, I noticed the blue light trying to read a disc (which eventually turned red) when I hadn’t connected the cable properly.

There aren’t any errors that show up on the screen and the game doesn’t show up either.

Video link is: youtube dot com followed by: /watch?v=_akLkf5c0pY

I should add that I have recently done a clean reinstall of the OS via USB using the latest PUP file from PlayStation’s website.

i have a ps4 the disc drive accepts discs just fine but it wont read it it doesnt spin the disc and ive checked it is there any way i can send it to you to get it repaired and how much will it cost