PS4 Original - Disc drive issue - SU42118-6

Hi people,

I’m really at a loss and am seeking advice.

I got given a PS4 orginal (CUH-1216b) to try and repair over lockdown as a project. It was turning on and running fine, but the disc drive wouldn’t accept discs and I was getting the SU42118-6 error code during an update. The only thing that works on the disc drive is that the eject button makes a sound when you press it, other than that no power to the actual drive so pressing the button results in nothing.

I went for the easy fixes first, replaced the ribbon cables and the disc drive, but still the same issue. I’ve also checked the fuses on the motherboard (SAC-001) and they all appear to be fine with no obvious damage to anything else on the board.

So am I right in thinking this leads to it being a chip on the motheboard that’s busted? If so what chip could it be?
Also when I’m checking the fuses… Is the fuse F5001 the one I’ve highlighted red or blue in the picture?

Thanks in advance for any help. I’ve gotten so many answers from this forum in the past so hopefully you can do it one more time!

Hi Josh. I am having the same issue and have not figured it out just yet. F5001 is the one you have circled in red. F6202 is actually the component marked LB located directly under the “6”, as in F"6"202.

In my case all fuses are intact but I still have no power to the bdrom. Very frustrating. Hopefully one of your fuses is oc. Let us know how you get on. Cheers.

by no obvious damage and intact descriptions of the fueses, what do you mean? have you tested them? are these fuses closed? open?

Hi, You’re right, I should of been clearer there.
Yes, I tested them with a multi-meter, all were passing fine on continuity.

Ahh thanks for that. I was 99% sure the red one was the correct fuse (which is reading fine), but I was justy hopefully that the blue one was a fuse too as it tests open but I guess it’s just a different component.
I’ve checked the F6202, that does seem to be one that commonly goes for this issue but it’s still good on my board.

It’s a bummer, I’m starting to think it’s just a software glitch.

There is one near the bdrom controller, it’s a blue one. Cant remember what exactly it was labelled. R322 or something like that. My issue is exact same. Been this way for months. The error means no communication between the mobo and the bdrom. So it’s a hardware issue. I trust u have tried to update the firmware through the recovery menu and also rebuild the database. Neither of these worked for me either however. Need to find the power rail for the bdrom and see if it’s getting voltage.

Yeah, that one is fine too. F6002 I believe, the R330 on the back of the board.

I did try rebuilding the database at the start, but admittingly I haven’t since ordering new parts, I’ll give it a go.

Need to find the power rail for the bdrom and see if it’s getting voltage.” How would you go about this?

I havent had time to revisit mine yet to check but my guess would be to test the pins for voltage on the bdrom power connector. One probe on gnd then go to each pin. You can do the same for the drive motor.